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Birthdate: October 6th

Lady Vee is a Jackson native, mother of 2 and even though she doesn't look it, a Grandmother, too. A stand-out Basketball player on Jim Hill High School's State Champions team, you'll often hear her referred to on-the-air as "6-3 Lady V" and "The Tall Lady of Soul." She's a longtime veteran of Jackson radio and for over 35 years listeners have enjoyed her laid back style and pleasant personality. In fact, when she is  broadcasting live on-location inevitably a listener will approach to say hello and introduce her to their children, telling them how they "listened to her when they were that age." She'll just smile graciously, greet them warmly and when they walk away she's added another young fan to the club. Pick at her about her "seniority" and she just laughs and says, "You ain't bothering me, you got to get here first."

 She helps listeners through the work-day morning with her patented "Morning Stretch" and an upbeat blend of Jackson's favorite soft soul.


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