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Having Kids Makes You Happier . . . Once They Eventually

Move Out


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new study found having kids makes you happier . . . eventually.  The researchers found parents are happier than non-parents . . . but the happiness only kicks in once the kids grow up and move out.

FULL STORY:  Good news, new parents:  A new study found having kids will make you happier!  Bad news:  In like three decades.

According to the study, people who have children are happier than people who don’t . . . eventually.  The happiness only really kicks in once the kids grow up and MOVE OUT.

The researchers say people whose adult children move out like having that social support and their kids around to take care of them . . . but they like getting that without the stress of having those kids living under their roof.

The study also found that having your adult children living with you actually has a negative effect on your wellbeing.





Treat insect bites with a poultice of either cornstarch or backing soda, mixed with vinegar, fresh lemon juice or with hazel.  Apply paste made of meat tenderizer and water.  Or, rub bites with wet bar soap to help relieve itching.  For Bee stings , apply a poultice of baking soda and water.  Or, try applying a fresh cut slice of raw onion to the sting to help draw out the poison .  Hold the onion in place with tape




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