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Are Your Sleep Habits Normal?


HIGHLIGHTS:  A survey on sleep habits found 8% of us sleep naked.  The most popular position to sleep in is on your side.  2% of us don’t use a pillow.  And 7% of people wake up naturally, without an alarm clock.

FULL STORY:  Over 100,000 people recently took an online survey on sleep habits.  Let’s see how your habits compare . . .

1.  What do you normally wear to bed?  92% wear at least some clothing, including 25% who wear pajamas and 15% who sleep in their underwear.  8% sleep totally naked.

2.  What position do you sleep in?  On your side was the top pick with 42% of the vote.  17% said stomach.  Only 5% always sleep on their back.  Everyone else said it varies.

3.  Flat or fluffy pillows?  64% like fluffy, 22% like flat, 12% like both, and 2% of us don’t use a pillow.

4.  Do you use an alarm clock?  7% said no, they can just wake up naturally.

5.  Do you normally brush your teeth before bed?  57% said yes.  30% sometimes forget.  13% DON’T normally brush before bed.

6.  How much sleep do you get a night?  The most popular answer was five to seven hours, with 56% of the vote.  3% said they usually get less than four hours a night.

7.  Do you have any weird sleep habits?  43% said they’re pretty normal.  The most common habits people reported were drooling, snoring, and talking in their sleep.









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