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One Person’s Crazy Bet on the Rams’ Score Turned $250 into $100K


HIGHLIGHTS:  Someone was smart enough to bet $250 on the L.A. Rams only scoring three points in the Super Bowl.  The line on that was 400-to-1, meaning he or she won $100K.  The bet was made in Vegas, but the bettor is unknown.

FULL STORY:  It wasn’t shocking that the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl . . . but not many people would’ve predicted that it would’ve been the LOWEST scoring Super Bowl ever.

One person DID have a feeling that the L.A. Rams wouldn’t score a touchdown, because they put $250 down on the Rams only scoring three points.  The line on that was 400-to-1.

Obviously, that’s exactly what happened . . . so the person won a cool $100,000.  The bet was placed at the South Point Sports Book in Las Vegas . . . but there’s no word who the bettor is.

Whoever they are, they must have been SWEATING the finish . . . when Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein missed a 48-yard field goal with eight seconds remaining.

Remember:  The Rams went into the playoffs as the league’s second-best scoring offense . . . only trailing the Kansas City Chiefs.

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