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The Average Person Gives Their Partner’s Valentine’s Day Efforts an “F” . . . Here Are the Ten Best Valentine’s Day Gifts


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey found 58% of us would give our partner an “F” when it comes to how much effort they put into Valentine’s Day.  The top gifts we want are a nice dinner out . . . chocolate . . . flowers . . . a massage . . . and a home-cooked meal.

FULL STORY:  If you had to grade the level of effort your partner puts into Valentine’s Day, would they pass or fail?  Only 15% of people in a new survey gave their partner an “A” . . . 6% gave them a “B” . . . 10% said “C” . . . 11% said “D” . . . and a whopping FIFTY-EIGHT PERCENT gave them an “F.”

A lot of those people must just be doing NOTHING though, because the top things we WANT for Valentine’s Day aren’t that outrageous.  Here are the Top 10.

1.  A nice dinner out.  58% said it’s a good gift.

2.  Chocolate, 50%.

3.  Flowers, 46%.

4.  A massage, 46%.

5.  A home-cooked meal, 39%.

6.  Jewelry, 36%.

7.  A trip to somewhere warm or exotic, 31%.

8.  A spa package, 31%.

9.  A night or two at a local hotel, 30%.

10.  Tickets to a comedy show, 26%.

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