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Dairy Queen Has to Clarify Its Burgers Aren’t Made Out of Human Flesh


HIGHLIGHTS:  Dairy Queen had to clarify its burgers are NOT made out of HUMAN FLESH on Friday.  It happened after a location in South Carolina was raided and rumors swirled that it was because they were serving human meat.  Turns out it was actually because the feds suspected it was home of an illegal money transferring operation.

FULL STORY:  Here’s a statement I’m not sure ANY fast food chain ever thought they’d have to make.  Not even Arby’s.

Dairy Queen had to publicly clarify on Friday that its burgers are NOT made out of HUMAN FLESH.

Here’s why.  Last week, federal agents raided a Dairy Queen in Greenwood, South Carolina.  It wasn’t initially clear WHY . . . so rumors started circulating.

And one rumor that got a surprising amount of traction was:  The DQ was raided because it was making its burgers out of people.

The rumor gained so much steam that the Greenwood coroner’s office and South Carolina state health inspectors had to issue statements saying that wasn’t the case.  Dairy Queen also clarified it wasn’t true on Twitter.

It turns out the reason the feds raided the Dairy Queen is they suspected it was the home of an illegal money transferring operation.  Two men were arrested in the raid.

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