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A Boyfriend’s Insane List of Rules for His Girlfriend’s Trip to a Music Festival Is Going Viral


HIGHLIGHTS:  A woman in England just tweeted an INSANE list of rules her boyfriend texted her when she was going to a music festival.  It included things like sending photos so he could approve her outfits and sending video of the room to prove she was alone.  Anyway, they’re broken up now . . . and the list is going viral.


A woman named Zoe Scholefield from West Yorkshire, England just tweeted a screenshot of a text her ex-boyfriend sent her back when they were together and she was going to a music festival with some friends.

He sent her a list of 12 RULES that all walk the line between jealousy . . . and trying to be controlling to an insane level.  They included things like . . .

“If anyone comes up to you tel them you have a boyfriend” . . . “Always send me photos of front and back of what you’re wearing so I can approve” . . . and “If you can, [send] a video of room before you sleep to prove no one else is there.”

Zoe posted the list with the comment, quote, “Funny how my ex sent me stuff like this then has the audacity to cheat on me.”

Anyway, they’re broken up now . . . and her tweet with his list of rules is going viral.  As you’d expect, he’s not coming off well in people’s eyes.


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