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More People Go to Super Bowl Parties for the Food Than the Game


HIGHLIGHTS:  More people go to Super Bowl parties for the FOOD than for the game, according to a new survey.  Our top three reasons for going to a Super Bowl party are:  The food . . . social reasons . . . and THEN the game itself.

FULL STORY:  What’s the REAL battle on Super Bowl Sunday this year:  The Chiefs versus the 49ers, or your stomach versus 17,000 calories of food?

According to a new survey, more people go to Sper Bowl parties for the FOOD than for the game.

Here are the top five reasons people go to a Super Bowl party . . .  (People could pick more than one answer.)

1.  The food, 56%.

2.  Social reasons, 54%.

3.  The game, 49%.

4.  To see their family, 46%.

5.  The commercials, 38%.

The foods that people are looking forward to eating the most include:  Chicken wings . . . pizza . . . mozzarella sticks . . . chips . . . and veggies with dip.  Hey.  How did that last one get in there?

So the question is, do you enjoy the game or are you going for the food to see family or do you enjoy the commercials?  What ever it is, just make plans to enjoy this years Super Bowl.


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