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The Top Eight Things That Make Us Feel Burnt Out at Work


HIGHLIGHTS:  74% of us occasionally feel burnt out at work, according to a new survey.  The top things that cause it are long hours and not enough opportunities for advancement.

FULL STORY:  A new survey of 1,000 American workers found 74% of us are happy with our current job.  But the same amount . . . 74% . . . do occasionally feel “burnt out” at work.  Here are the top eight things that cause workplace burnout . . .

1.  Long hours that interfere with your personal life.  38% of people who are currently burnt out at work said it’s one of the main reasons.

2.  Not enough opportunities for advancement.

3.  A negative workplace environment.

4.  Unclear job expectations.

5.  A bad relationship with your boss.

6.  Not enough training to do your job.

7.  Bad relationships with coworkers.

8.  Not enough responsibility.

The survey also found 62% of people are satisfied with how much they’re paid.  But 33% also have a second job or side gig.






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