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Do Millennials Spend More on Groceries or Dining Out?


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey found the average millennial still spends more on groceries than they do at restaurants.  But it’s fairly close.  $187 a month on groceries, and $139 a month at restaurants.  So a 29% difference.

FULL STORY:  Do millennials spend more on groceries, or eating out at restaurants?  The answer is . . . groceries.  But according to a new survey, it’s fairly close.

The average millennial spends $187 on groceries a month, and $139 at restaurants, including take-out and delivery.  That’s a difference of $48, or 29% less than they spend on groceries.

It also found the average millennial spends 183 hours a year buying food . . . compared to 160 hours deciding on restaurants.

Here are four more random stats about millennial eating habits . . .

1.  The average millennial eats out 90 times a year.  So an average of 1.7 times a week.

2.  57% said they currently subscribe to a special diet of some sort.  The top food-related tweaks millennials make include avoiding sugar and carbs . . . eating more plant-based foods . . . and taking breaks from drinking.

3.  34% said they’re currently trying to cut down on how much meat they consume.

4.  The average millennial will try 46 new foods this year . . . and post 47 food-related photos on social media.  (OnePoll)

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