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Who Are Your “On the Way Friends,” Who’ll Drop Everything to Help?


HIGHLIGHTS:  A mom in Colorado posted online after one of her friends drove 30 miles to help her out.  Now the term “on the way friends” is trending.  Meaning TRUE friends who’ll drop everything and say “I’m on the way” if they know you need them.

FULL STORY:  You might have hundreds of Facebook friends.  But how many of THESE friends do you have?  Because they’re the ones to really appreciate . . .

A woman in Colorado posted on a mom blog last week after one of her friends drove over 30 miles to come help her out.

And her post inspired a new term:  Your “on the way friends” . . . who are TRUE friends, who’ll drop everything to help.

She was overwhelmed with being a mom, and with life in general.  So she called a friend to vent and maybe cry a little.

Then she said she really didn’t want to be alone.  And her friend immediately said, “I’m on my way.”

She actually tried to talk the friend out of it, and said things like, “my house is a disaster” and “I don’t want to burden you.”  But the friend wasn’t having it.

She drove more than 30 miles to get there . . . picked up another friend on the way . . . showed up with lunch . . . and they cleaned her whole house for her.

Now the term “on the way friends” is trending.  It’s inspiring people to think of who THEIR “on the way friends” are, and to be that friend to someone else if they need it.













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