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The DMV May Start Charging a Fee for Walking in the Door


HIGHLIGHTS:  The Rhode Island DMV wants to start charging a $15 fee just for walking in the door.  They’ve pitched the plan to the governor, and they think it could bring in about $1 million in revenue a year.

FULL STORY:  Going to the DMV is already like getting punched in the face.  And now you want me to PAY for the privilege of getting punched in the face?

The Rhode Island DMV has pitched a plan to the governor in its latest budget request . . . where they charge a $15 fee just for walking in the door.

They want to add the fee on for anyone who shows up to do something they could’ve done in the mail, like a license or registration renewal.  They wouldn’t charge people for services that actually DO require showing up in person.

They’re estimating it would bring in about $1 million in new revenue a year.

There’s no word on whether the governor is going to approve the plan . . . or if other states’ DMVs have heard about this and thought, “We gotta get in on this scam




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