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Are These the Five Most Dangerous Songs to Drive to?


HIGHLIGHTS:  A study has found that “American Idiot”by GREEN DAY and “Party in the USA” by MILEY CYRUS are among the most dangerous songs to drive to.  “Stairway to Heaven” by LED ZEPPELIN is one of the least dangerous.

FULL STORY:  If you want to be safe on the roads, do NOT listen to “Party in the USA” by MILEY CYRUS . . . because it’s DANGEROUS.

According to some new research by the South China University of Technology, songs with a fast tempo of 120 beats-per-minute or higher are more likely to make you drive faster and more recklessly.

Here are the five MOST dangerous songs, according to the study:

1.  “American Idiot”Green Day

2.  “Party in the USA”Miley Cyrus

3.  “Mr. Brightside”The Killers

4.  “Don’t Let Me Down”The Chainsmokers

5.   “Born to Run”Bruce Springsteen

The five LEAST dangerous are:

1.  “Stairway to Heaven”Led Zeppelin

2.  “Under the Bridge”Red Hot Chili Peppers

3.  “God’s Plan”Drake

4.  “Africa”Toto

5.  “Location”Khalid.

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