Recently, John Legend shared more about his father and how much his father influenced him to be the man he is today. Legend said, “I’m a lot like him. Our personalities are very similar. Our disposition is very similar.” He continued, “We’re both very laid back, calm, able to, you know, whenever life gets hard, we’re able to figure it out, and not get too overly raw emotionally. And just keep a clear head and figure out what we need to do.” He added, “I think he’s been a role model to me as a father cuz he was a single dad for a while. And just seeing the dedication he had to our family, seeing the creativity he had for our family, just kindness and love and just great example of integrity and character that he always set for us. That’s why he’s my role model. I always tell him that I want to be a dad like him.”

What is the biggest lesson your father taught you? Your mother?

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