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The Top Five Thanksgiving Foods We Secretly Hate but Still Eat


HIGHLIGHTS:  68% of us secretly hate at least one Thanksgiving food, but still eat it because of tradition or just to be polite.  The top five foods we secretly hate are canned cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and turkey.

FULL STORY:  Are there any Thanksgiving foods you’re really NOT looking forward to?  A new study asked 2,000 people to name the foods they secretly hate, but still eat because of tradition or just to be polite.

68% said there’s at least one classic Thanksgiving food they secretly dislike but eat anyway.  And the most popular answer was . . . canned cranberry sauce.

Some people hate the taste, and some find the can shape revolting.  Almost 30% said they secretly dislike it, but still eat it if it’s served.  Here are the top five answers . . .

1.  Canned cranberry sauce.  29% hate it but eat it anyway.

2.  Green bean casserole, 24%.

3.  Sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole, 22%.

4.  Pumpkin pie, 21%.

5.  Turkey, 19%.  So almost 1 in 5 people secretly hate eating turkey on Thanksgiving.

The survey also found 23% of us have no interest in leftovers.

And one more random stat:  For some reason, we buy more CHEEZ WHIZ around Thanksgiving than any other time of year.  In the lead-up last year, there was a 158% jump in sales.


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