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The Ten States Where You’re Most Likely to Hit a Deer


HIGHLIGHTS:  Two-thirds of drivers think you should swerve if a deer runs out in front of your car.  But that’s actually the most dangerous thing you can do.  Instead, just hit the brakes.  According to the most recent data, the states where you’re most likely to hit a deer are West Virginia, Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

FULL STORY: We’re a week out from the first day of fall . . . the time of year you’re most likely to hit an ANIMAL on the road, which usually means deer.  36% of accidents that involve animals happen between September and November.  So keep your eyes peeled, especially in the morning and at night.

Two-thirds of drivers in a recent poll thought that SWERVING was the best thing to do if an animal runs out in front of your car.  But it’s actually the most DANGEROUS thing you can do, because it can cause an even worse crash.

The best thing to do is hit the brakes but NOT swerve.

Using your high beams when you drive can also give you a leg up.  And if there are multiple lanes, the center lane is usually the safest, because it gives you more time to react.

According to the most recent data, the ten states where you’re most likely to hit a deer are:  West Virginia . . . Iowa . . . Montana . . . Wisconsin . . . Pennsylvania . . . Minnesota . . . Michigan . . . Wyoming . . . Ohio . . . and Arkansas

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