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How Long Do You Have to Wait Before Openly Discussing Spoilers?


HIGHLIGHTS:  A new survey asked people how long you have to wait before you can openly discuss spoilers for TV shows.  And 64% of us think a week or less is fair.  Only 2% said more than a month.

FULL STORY:  The tough thing about spoilers is there’s no rule or time limit in place.  Can you talk about “Game of Thrones”now that it’s been over 24 hours?  Or is it still a spoiler if you reveal the end of “Friends” 15 years after it happened?

A new survey looked into it.  And almost everyone thinks there should be a time limit.  Including a majority who said you shouldn’t expect people to wait more than a WEEK.  If you haven’t watched by then, it’s YOUR fault.

People were asked how long you have to wait before openly discussing what happened on a TV show.  Like at work or on social media.  And 64% said a week or less.

That includes 14% who said right around a week is fair . . . 20% who said a couple of days . . . 14% who said one day . . .

And 16% who said you should be able to talk about an episode IMMEDIATELY after it airs.  So that’s basically 1 in 6 people who DON’T CARE about ruining it for you.

7% said you should have to wait at least a couple of weeks . . . 2% said a month . . . and 2% said more than a month.

But whatever your personal comfort level is on a single episode, always lean on the side of caution before spoiling anything as major as the “Game of Thrones” series finale.















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