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 Just Watching a Scary Movie Helps You Burn More Calories

HIGHLIGHTS: Watching 90 minutes of a scary movie gets your heart rate going and burns an extra 150 calories, according to a study. Out of the movies they looked at, the one that burned the most calories was, “The Shining”.

FULL STORY: Getting your heart rate up burns calories. And exercise isn’t the only thing that does it. Scary movies do it too. A study in the U.K. found that watching a scary movie for 90 minutes burns about 150 calories . . . the same as a 30-minute walk.

Movies with “jump scares” work best. Here are ten scary movies the study looked at, and how many extra calories they burn. And the one that burns the most is a classic.

1. “The Shining”, 184 calories. (That’s just 90 minutes of it, and it’s a 2 hour and 26 minute movie. So if you watch the whole thing, it works out to 299 calories.)

2. “Jaws”, 161 calories.

3. “The Exorcist”, 158 calories.

4. “Alien”, 152 calories.

5. “Saw”, 133 calories.

6. “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, 118 calories.

7. “Paranormal Activity”, 111 calories.

8. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, 107 calories.

9. “The Blair Witch Project”, 105 calories.

10. “Rec”, 101 calories. It’s another found footage movie, like “Blair Witch”.