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Eating Lots of Bacon Could Make You Go Insane?


HIGHLIGHTS:  Eating too many cured meat products like hot dogs and bacon could make you develop MANIA, according to a new study.  On the bright side, if you just have them occasionally, the researchers say you should be okay.

FULL STORY:  If eating a ton of BACON and HOT DOGS makes a person go crazy, then reserve me a spot at an asylum ’cause I’m going DOWN, baby.

According to a new study out of Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, eating too many cured mat products like hot dogs, salami, bacon, and beef jerky could make you develop MANIA.

The definition of mania is a heightened mood, energy, and arousal.  It’s most likely to happen to people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

The researchers studied about 1,100 hospital cases and found that people who were admitted with mania were 3.5 times more likely to have eaten cured meat beforehand than the average person.

On the bright side, the researchers say if you have cured meats occasionally, it shouldn’t trigger any mental illnesses in you.



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