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Take The “Pane” Out Of Washing Your Windows

  1.  Never wash windows on sunny days.  They will dry too  fast and show streaks
  2.   Never use soap.
  3.   Add 1/2 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to a bucket of warm water for a perfect window washing solution.
  4.   For fast clean-ups, wash with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.  This method is great when washing only a few indoor windows.
  5. Shine with newspaper instead of paper towels.  It is cheaper and some feel easier.  Be sure you have read the papers or the project could take all day
  6. No more guess work when drying the inside panes with vertical strokes and the outside panes with horizontal strokes, or vice versa, you will notice quickly which side has the smudges
  7.  After windows have dried, rub a clean blackboard eraser over them for a really fine shine.


Almost One in 10 Americans Will Bet on the Super Bowl . . . for a Total of $6 Billion


Did you already put down your Super Bowl bet with your bookie?  Or in Vegas?  Or on some shady online casino?  Or are you going to hold off and make some bets at your Super Bowl party?  You’ve got to do SOME kind of gambling or why bother watching.

According to a new study, 22.7 million Americans will make a bet on the Super Bowl . . . which is almost one out of 10 people.

And we’ll bet a total of $6 billion.








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