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Christie Brinkley Denies Faking an Injury So Her Daughter Could Join “Dancing with the Stars”


HIGHLIGHTS:  CHRISTIE BRINKLEY had to quit “Dancing with the Stars” because she broke her arm in practice.  WENDY WILLIAMS is accusing her of faking it just so her daughter could take her place . . . but Christie is denying it.

FULL STORY: During last night’s season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars” we found out that CHRISTIE BRINKLEY broke her arm during rehearsals and had to bag on the show.  So she got her DAUGHTER Sailor to take her place at the last minute.

But WENDY WILLIAMS thinks there’s something SHADY going on.  She’s accusing Christie of FAKING the injury so that her daughter could do the show.

There’s video of Christie’s fall online . . . and Wendy said, quote, “That looked fake as hell . . . I don’t see a wrist and a shoulder being fractured.  But that was real cute.

“Here’s my thought . . . I think what Christie did was she signed up for [the show] knowing that she’d put her daughter Sailor in there.”  (???)

For what’s worth, Christie is denying it, and she says she’s “totally shocked” that Wendy would say that.









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