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28% of Americans Are Currently in a Sexual Dry Spell


HIGHLIGHTS:  If you’ve gone five months without any action between the sheets, you’re officially in a “dry spell,” according to a new survey.  But don’t worry, because you’re not alone.  28% of American adults said it’s been at least that long.

FULL STORY:  Has it been more than five months since you’ve had any action between the sheets?  According to a new poll that’s the point when you’ve officially hit a sexual “dry spell.”

But if you qualify, don’t worry.  Because you’re not alone.  28% of American adults are currently in a dry spell.  Here are six more stats from the survey . . .

1.  The average dry spell lasts 11 months.  10 months for men, and 12 for women.

2.  The top causes are relationship troubles . . . not being focused on sex . . . being in a long-distance relationship . . . and having a busy work schedule.

3.  The average American will go through four dry spells in their life.

4.  A dry spell isn’t always a bad thing.  49% of Americans think it can be beneficial.  27% said they’ve come out of it with a better understanding of who they are . . . 26% got to spend more time with friends . . . and 25% said it saved them money.

5.  In a perfect world, the average American would like to have sex three times a week.  So if the average dry spell lasts 11 months, that’s 132 missed opportunities.

6.  And 18% of Americans have reached out to an ex during a dry spell.

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