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A Woman Posted Her In-Law’s Insane List of Complaints During a Visit


HIGHLIGHTS:  A woman in England posted a list of 24 insane complaints her brother-in-law made while he was visiting.  Including that their house had too many rugs . . . that none of their blankets were good . . . and that their dogs weren’t cuddly enough.

She wrote down TWENTY-FOUR complaints he made, and posted them online.  She’s also going to leave the list out the next time he visits to shame him into shutting up.  Here are the 15 craziest complaints he made . . .

1.  Their front gate was too squeaky.

2.  The towels they gave him were white, and he doesn’t like white towels.

3.  They gave him a choice of three blankets, and none of them were good enough.

4.  The gates on their stairs to keep their kids safe were, quote, “really inconvenient.”

5.  They had a bunch of spare clothes in his size, but he didn’t like the selection.

6.  Amazon Prime Video didn’t have the new Quentin Tarantino movie yet.  So he said it was a waste of money.

7.  Someone used the bathroom in the middle of the night, and he heard the toilet flush.

8.  He complained that the woman was using her asthma inhaler too much.

9.  The planes overhead were flying too low.

10.  The house had too many rugs.

11.  They didn’t have enough music on vinyl.


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