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A Guy Got Fired, Then Kept Showing Up to Collect Paychecks for Four Years


HIGHLIGHTS:  An MTA worker in New York got fired several years ago, but apparently no one ever told payroll.  So he kept showing up on payday to get his check for FOUR YEARS, to the tune of about $250,000.  Now it looks like he could face fraud charges.

FULL STORY:  This guy had the best gig in the world for a while.  Too bad he was probably committing fraud . . .

47-year-old Ronald Berry used to work as a subway cleaner for the MTA in New York, until he got fired a few years ago.

But apparently no one told payroll.  So for four years, he just kept showing up on payday to collect his paychecks.

And in that time they’ve paid him roughly $250,000.  Then he went last Thursday to get his check, and cops arrested him.

Ronald says he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.  He claims he went on sick leave for high blood pressure and asthma.  And he thought the paychecks were legit.

His pay stubs listed his hours, which he knew he didn’t work.  But he claims no one ever told him he was fired.  And it’s the MTA’s fault, not his.

They arrested him for trespassing when he showed up to get his check.  It’s not clear if he’s also facing fraud charges.




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