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The Most Common Food at Super Bowl Parties Isn’t the Most Popular


HIGHLIGHTS:  The most common foods at Super Bowl parties are chips and dip, pizza, wings, nachos, and cheese and crackers.  The top foods we WANT to eat are wings, pizza, nachos, potato chips, and salsa.

FULL STORY:  What’s the one food you’ll DEFINITELY be eating on Super Bowl Sunday?  A new survey looked into the most common foods served at Super Bowl parties . . . and chips and dip are #1.

47% of parties this year will have some type of chips-and-dip combo.  Pizza is second at 37%.

The ten most common foods we serve on Super Bowl Sunday are chips and dip . . . pizza . . . wings . . . nachos . . . cheese and crackers . . . burgers or sliders . . . tacos . . . hot dogs or sausages . . . cookies . . . and ice cream.

Those aren’t necessarily our FAVORITE foods to eat on Super Bowl Sunday though.

Another recent survey of 3,000 people found the #1 thing we WANT to eat are WINGS.

The top ten FAVORITE Super Bowl foods are wings . . . pizza . . . nachos . . . potato chips . . . salsa . . . guacamole . . . mozzarella sticks . . . quesadillas . . . jalapeño poppers . . . and burgers.

Also, we’ll eat 1.4 BILLION chicken wings this Sunday . . . 10 million pounds of ribs . . . at least 8 million pounds of guacamole . . . and drink more than 50 million cases of beer.


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