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One Thing to Consider Before You Hand Out Full-Size Halloween Candy

HIGHLIGHTS:  If you hand out full-size Halloween candy, kids will love you.  Just be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars . . . and to do it again next year.  Because they WILL remember your house, and they’ll be disappointed if you go back to fun-size.

FULL STORY:  If you want to be a local hero, handing out full-size candy bars on Halloween is a good way to do it.  But there’s one thing to consider first . . .

A writer for “Fortune” magazine asked behavioral experts WHY people do it.  One reason is we like being seen as generous and successful.  And handing out better candy is a good way to one-up all your neighbors at once.

Another reason is we enjoy being different, like we’re non-conformists.  Or we just have fond memories of people who gave out full-size candy when WE were kids.  So it gives us a nice ego boost.

But here’s the one question to ask yourself before you do it:  Are you willing to do it again NEXT year?

In high-traffic neighborhoods, handing out full-size candy costs hundreds of dollars.  And all those kids WILL remember next year and come back.  You might even get more kids if word spreads.

So if you go back to fun-size candy, they’ll be disappointed.  And then you’re just the cheap jerk who USED to give out full-size candy bars

One behavioral expert compared it to rewards programs.  When companies offer generous rewards but then STOP offering them, customers end up less satisfied than if they’d never had a rewards program to begin with.



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