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Five Facebook Rules for Grandparents


HIGHLIGHTS:  89% of grand kids like connecting with their grandparents on Facebook.  But they wish that their grandparents wouldn’t post about family feuds, or anything too sad.  And 1 in 4 hate it when older relatives send friend requests to THEIR friends.

FULL STORY:  The in-home nursing service Visiting Angels recently polled a bunch of millinials.  And 89% of grand kids said they LIKE having their grandparents connect with them on Facebook.

There are some rules they wish their grandparents would follow though.  Here are five things young people want older people to think about when they use social media . . .

1.  Don’t post personal stuff about family feuds or money.  A third of millinials in the survey said their grandparents sometimes post stuff that’s too personal.

2.  Don’t use too many emojis.  1 in 5 said their grandparents overuse them.

3.  Don’t try so hard to be friends with their friends.  25% don’t like it when older relatives send friend requests to THEIR friends.

4.  Don’t post about anything too sad, like being sick or lonely.  1 in 4 grand kids hate it.

5.  Don’t try to act too cool.  22% of millinials find it embarrassing.  So it’s okay to act your age on social media.





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